Who does not like a good abdomen? Those abs marked as if they were a sink, which you can see the six pack. It is one of the coolest things that people can have when exercising, since getting it is the same as other muscles, but it takes more effort to achieve an incredible marked abdomen.

Of course, one thing is to get abs, and another is to mark it. In order to get a good abdomen, you must lose body fat and exercise, since you cannot do exercises to mark the abdomen having a slightly noticeable belly, you must lose weight that belly in order to have abs and if you want you can mark them.

It is not so mandatory to have your abdomen too marked, just having it a little defined would be fine. But if you want to know what are the exercises that are good in order to have a good abdomen and mark it. Well, in this article you will know several exercises so that you can consider adding them to your personal routine.

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sit up

You are going to lie on the ground completely, you should not separate your legs from the ground. And with the help of the abdomen, you are going to go up by exerting force on that muscle until you reach 90° with your legs. Only the abdomen should do this exercise, not the head, nor the legs to reach, and the arms. In fact, the position of these arms can be free.

Crunch with elevated legs

Again you are going to be lying on the floor, this time you are going to have your legs raised as best as possible. And lastly, you’re going to try to make your arms reach out to touch your feet, all with the help of your abdomen. It does not matter if you do not arrive, the objective of the exercise is that the abdomen works without the need to touch your feet.

leg lift

Lying on the floor, you are going to place your hands on the lumbar area. And to start the exercise, you are going to lift your legs, you have to keep in mind that they must be completely stretched. And you are going to raise them until they reach 90° and then lower them. You can touch the ground or not, but it is better not to touch it so that you do not have any momentum and rest. Remember that you must make force in the abdomen so that it is well stimulated.


Here you are going to lie down on the floor once more so that you can raise your leg as if the knee is trying to touch your face (it is not necessary to force the leg up) Then you will raise your head and put your hands on the back of your neck, and to start the exercise. With your elbows you are going to make them touch your knee or leg. After doing the repetitions, you are going to do the same thing, but with the other leg.

Oblique’s with an object

Here your tailbone and hands will be the only part of the body that will touch the ground. You will need an object such as a thick tube and something small made of rubber or that your creativity helps you to solve. But the point is that there must be an object in front of your legs. And to start with the exercise, you are going to bend your legs and then stretch them on both sides of the object.

pass the fit ball

Lying on the ground, you are going to raise your legs a little, and your hands should be holding a fit ball. At first you must be straight, then raise your legs and arms, when both parts of the body are close, or the fit ball is close. That is when you are going to pass the fit ball towards your legs, and then lower your legs and arms to be somewhat straight. And you do the same process again, but passing the fit ball to your arms. And you keep doing it for several reps.


The number of repetitions can be the amount you want; it is even better to choose to do the number of times necessary until you feel like you can’t anymore. Since this way you can, in addition to the exercise being more effective, it will also be because if you put on an amount, that amount may be too easy. Remember that doing exercises is to feel pain, since that means you did it too well, and if you don’t feel so much pain the next day. It means that the quantity was not enough.