If you want to learn to play soccer, but you still don’t know what you need to start, don’t waste any more time, here you can see everything you need to learn to play this fabulous and dynamic sport.

Instructions to learn to play soccer

  1. Learn the rules of the game. Look for an article or guide that says the rules of soccer.
  2. Learn the basic information about movements, throws, corner kicks, penalties, player positions, types of plays that must be made in a soccer team and actions that you must avoid so as not to commit fouls in the game or worsen the game.
  3. Develop good communication for those who play on your team. To learn to play soccer it is important that you are always in constant communication with your team, this does not mean that you talk a lot during the game, but that you know where to move and who to pass the ball to.
  4. Don’t try to be the “hero” of the game. If you always seek the leading role in the game, your teammates may get angry, in addition to this could affect the team making it less effective.
  5. Exercise at home and wherever you can. Learn to run, since the games are long and you have to run a lot, both to follow the ball and to be aware of your teammates, you will need to run a lot and if you are not physically well prepared you could get tired of more and even be a disadvantaged member during the game. play.
  6. Learn the essential soccer moves. Learn how to dribble, which is when you move the ball with your feet while running. This step is very important because in case you have the ball during the game to prevent it from being taken away you will have to move it to another place, and since it is a total fault to use your hands in the game, you must use your feet to move the ball.
  7. Use your head. In order to be able to use your head to hold and throw the ball you should always ensure that the ball is between the edge of your forehead and the end of your hair roots, here the head is harder and there is less risk of head trauma from hitting the ball or receiving it with the head. This movement is very dangerous for those who have a soft skull as in the case of children and adolescents under 15 years of age, so if you are going to “head” the ball you must be especially careful or you could seriously injure yourself.
  8. Learn to run fast, speed is essential in football and it will largely depend on being able to beat an opponent and have more chances of scoring a goal.
  9. To learn to play soccer, it is also important that you learn to “control the ball”, which is when you pass the ball in different parts of your body without it falling to the ground. You must pass the ball from one knee to another, from head to toe, etc. You can even use your shoulders and chest.

What do you need to learn to play soccer?

  • A soccer ball
  • Space to practice
  • Perseverance

Tips for learning to play soccer

  • Have fun playing.