Is home training good? It is the question that gives rise to this entry. It is worth mentioning that this article is not written with the purpose of criticizing or discrediting the gym. Obviously these are the right places to train, not only because of the existence of specific machinery to perform certain exercises (and as is correct). But in addition to having a series of advantages in place that positively support training. Among them we have the possibility of contracting the supervision and guidance of a coach, being motivated by the presence of other people who are just like you. They are working towards a better body, not to mention the possibility of buying food supplements for your diet.

The true purpose of this article is to express that exercising from home can also be a good alternative, with which excellent results can be achieved, even without all the machinery that gyms present. With the right exercises and, why not. Some ingenuity and creativity, more than interesting and decent results can be achieved. As long as it is accompanied by a diet and routine consistency.

Find the right routine for your workout at home.

Just as any athlete prepares his training routine, you should do the same. Only adapted to the environment in which you are going to be working your body. Feel this case training at home, it is best to opt for intense routines of 20 to 30 minutes. These can be easily found on the internet or alternatively from mobile applications.

Of course, these types of routines usually focus on weight reduction, so they are cardio exercises that will make you sweat at home. But how do those who want to have muscle mass? Very simple, knowing that weight is required to obtain muscle mass, you have two options to be able to work…

  1. Resort to improvisation with heavy objects at home that work as a substitute for dumbbells.
  2. Work weight exercises with tension.

Weight exercises can be perfectly replaced by tension, where you would be exerting greater pressure on the muscle to work. Which turns out to be an excellent way to carry out training at home in order to achieve muscle mass.

Keep in mind that the tension can also be worked with a league, although the ideal is to make an extra expense, considering the acquisition of a training league can be a good expense. More if you have definitely decided to train from home.

Be as creative as possible.

Although training at home is not about plastic arts, when we refer to being creative, it is knowing how to manage what you have at home, a training team. From using a backpack and filling it with books to work as a weight in leg exercises to improvising some weights with a bottle of drinking water.

Of course, you do not always have to resort to improvisation, if you like and have the money to buy a set of dumbbells, the training band that we previously mentioned. Or even a mat to train abdominal exercises at home. They would be without a doubt an excellent purchase and investment.

Advantages of training from home.

Until now we have only focused on finding solutions to the “problems” that training from home brings. Ranging from lack of training equipment, to developing a routine tailored to your home environment. However, training at home has a few advantages that the truth would not be bad to comment on. You may not have thought of them or you may have overlooked them…

  • There is no place more comfortable than our own home, so training there is even more practical than doing it in a gym. Play the music you like; you don’t have to wait for someone else to vacate the machine to be able to use it.
  • No more excuses for not wanting to go to the gym. It must be recognized that the most complicated part of the gym is not the training itself, but getting to the gym itself. Now that your house is your training area, you won’t be able to escape anymore!
  • You can train at any time. Indeed, the best thing about training at home is that you can do it at any time, just woke up, before bed, in the afternoon. Any time you have is a good time to train.