If a few years ago there were many people who wanted to know how to play tennis, it is more and more common for something similar to happen with another of the racket sports that has managed to gain great popularity, paddle tennis.

If you are a person who is learning how to play paddle tennis, you will surely be interested in knowing how to make a shot for three in paddle tennis. For this reason, we are going to explain to you the way in which you can perform the perfect technique to be able to carry out this blow.

What is a shot for three?

The smash or shot for three is a shot that, after bouncing on the floor of the paddle tennis court, touches the back wall and continues on its way to go over the side, the fence that measures 3 meters. Hence its name.

This auction is generally done crosswise, although it is also possible to do it in parallel, although it is more complicated due to the need to print a greater effect. One of the key points is the topspin of the ball, since this effect causes the ball to rotate forward, so when it hits the glass or wall, it rises even more.

How to train the spike for three?

The best grip to do the spike for three is the so-called east backhand. There are different ways to train it, for which we advise you:

  • You should train the punch itself, doing 15-20 reps with breaks.
  • On the other hand, you should practice spin, trying to get the ball to rise as much as possible. To do this, you should try to find words that go up to four or five meters.
  • Work with different angles and distances, trying balloons that come at you in different directions and with great depth. The key is in practice.
  • To finish the training, you will have to put it into practice in training matches and it may even be advisable, if you have the possibility, to play on four-meter courts instead of three.

How to improve the auction by three?

If you want to know how to make a shot for three in paddle tennis, you should know that it is easier to carry it out the smaller the distance that exists between the place where you are and the rival back wall. Therefore, you will have to start by placing yourself in the other field facing the wall.

The steps to follow to improve this type of auction and begin to dominate it are the following:

look for the effect

In the first place you will have to try to achieve the necessary effect so that the ball, after hitting the glass, is thrown away with greater speed. You must, for this, you must touch the ball, imagining that it is a face that you have in front of you and that you must touch from the bottom to the top, contacting the top of your head.

Practice the topspin smash

Once you have already practiced the search for the necessary effect to achieve the shot for three in paddle, you should stand in the middle of the court and try to do the topspin shot. To do this, aim in the ground-fronton direction and look for the ball to rise high enough after the bounce, above your head.

Precision search

Once the above is achieved, it will be time for you to stand to your left to be able to carry it out crosswise. It is time to start working on the search for precision.

This consists of looking for the place where the ball must bounce so that it takes the spin, it being recommended that it do so somewhat crosswise and that it bounce shortly before the serve line; and to do it approximately 1.5 meters from the side. In this way you will have to practice until you get the bag out for the three meters.

Increase the distance

Once you’ve mastered the bag lead by three, it’s time to increase the distance. You will have to move away until you make it bounce on the other side of the net and in different places; so that you can perfect your technique until you completely master the auction.

When it works for you, you can put it into practice in your matches. However, you must have two points very present when making the auction for three in paddle tennis. These are the following:

  • It is important that you value how the lob comes to you when executing this shot to see if it really is the best option. It is better if it is short and if it is not far from the center of the track.
  • On the other hand, you must take into account the speed of hitting the ball, as well as the distance. In this way, do not try to compare yourself with professionals if you are not; and think that in both aspects your possibilities, in general, will be inferior.