Covid-19 made more than one person aware of the need to exercise. Since they could not leave the house now, it was essential that they begin to devise different types of strategies in order to lead a more active life while the quarantine lasted, since a sedentary lifestyle can have serious consequences.

Some of the risks of leading a sedentary life are: obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, type 2 diabetes and even some types of cancer, such as colon, breast and uterine cancer.

In view of this, it is essential to engage in activities that keep you moving. Some of them can be dancing, yoga, Pilates, etc. However, some might excuse themselves by stating that they have little space in the house to practice any of these alternatives to performing an exercise routine.

However, the truth is that you do not need to have a very large space to exercise. In fact, you can do it in your own room, using a chair as a training tool.

Yes, a chair. Perhaps this idea seems a bit strange to you. But, the truth is, you can devise an entire workout routine using a chair for support. If you don’t have the slightest idea how to do it, you have nothing to worry about. In this post I will be indicating how you can do it.

This routine is so simple and entertaining that you will want to try it today. Best of all, you can include other members of your family, like children. Thus, you will spend quality time with them, while they stay active.

Remember that exercise has a very positive effect on our health. Therefore, do not miss any detail of what I will be sharing with you. Let’s see.

Instructions for doing exercises with a chair

The fact of carrying out a training routine with the help of a chair turns out to be a very practical alternative. It prevents you from having to leave your house to go to the gym and fulfills the same function. You will be surprised how many exercises you can do using it as a support.

Some of the exercises you can do are the following:

abs _

One way to do them, while sitting, is by raising your knees to chest level. This is the procedure that you must follow:

  1. Sit in the chair with your back straight on it, but without resting it completely on the back.
  2. Put your hands around your hips.
  3. Keep your legs together and bring your knees up to your chestwhile contracting your abs.

bicep curls

This exercise will help you tone your biceps. I will be showing you two alternatives. The first is the following:

  1. Holding a 1-liter water bottle in each hand, bend your elbows as you lift the weight.
  2. Then lower both arms at the same time, but in a controlled manner.

The other exercise is exactly the same, except that in this case you will be altering each arm.


Although it is a very simple exercise, it is also very complete, since it not only strengthens the abdominals, but also works the quadriceps and the trunk.

  1. Sitting on the edge of the chair, place your palms behind your buttocks.
  2. Then, raise your bent legs and then extend them forward.


With this exercise you can work the middle area of ​​the body, while burning calories. For it:

  1. Stand up with your hands on the back of the chair.
  2. Feet should be apart and flat on the ground.
  3. Alternately raise your knees to your chest.
  4. Start off easy and then increase your speed with each climb.


This exercise is ideal as a warm-up, but also at the end of your daily routine.

  1. The first thing you have to do is raise one leg and support it on the chair.
  2. Then, lower your back to take the foot in flex.
  3. Pull back, hold for a few seconds and switch legs
  4. In order to decongest the muscles of the upper part, sit with a straight back, interlace your fingers and raise your arms above your head, while keeping them stretched.


For this exercise, you will need the help of a ball.

  1. Get into a sitting position with your back straight and your legs slightly apart.
  2. Go down slowly until you catch the ball.
  3. Then, go up with your arms stretched above your head.

Glutes and quadriceps

To perform this exercise, use a towel:

  1. Support the leg with the towel and bend it towards the back at the ankle.
  2. To exercise your glutes, raise your leg until your heel brushes against it.
  3. To strengthen your quads, hold this pose and slightly bend the leg you’re using for support.
  4. Then change limbs so as not to overload them.

What do you need to do exercises with a chair?

To successfully perform this training routine, you only need to have the following elements:

  •  A chair that is firm and has a back, so you can lean on it when necessary.
  •  Two bottles of water of one liter each.
  •  A ball.
  •  A hand towel.
  •  Comfortable clothing to move easily.
  •  Appropriate sports shoes to avoid slipping and falls.

Tips for doing exercises with a chair

As you may have noticed, this exercise routine with a chair is quite simple. You don’t need to be a professional to put it into practice. However, make sure there is tension when stretching in order to get satisfactory results.

Practice these exercises for 45 minutes a day. You can do it every day or with a rest day in between.

Remember to stay well hydrated. When you exercise, you sweat more and therefore increase the chances of becoming dehydrated.

Accompany this exercise routine with a healthy and balanced diet. In this way, after the quarantine, you will be able to show off a firm and toned body. In addition, you will be protecting yourself against such a dangerous sedentary lifestyle.