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Information On Trampoline Weight Loss Exercises

How many times have you actually started a weight loss program and given up on them after a few weeks? You are not the only one to give up hope. In fact there are many people sailing in the same boat as you are. The best way to yield positive results is by doing weight loss exercises with a healthy and balance diet. 

This article will provide information on how trampoline exercises can contribute to weight loss in people.

What are Trampoline Exercises

A trampoline exercise is a great way to ensure steady weight loss. If you are suffering from any health issues, you might want to consider the advice of your physician before performing these exercises. 

A trampoline exercise must first be preceded with a series of warm up exercises exclusively designed for these forms of weight loss exercises. 

Warm and Cool Down Exercises For Trampoline

Trampoline Contact Bounce: This exercise commences with placing your hands on your waist, with your knees bent and feet placed apart slightly. You need to slowly begin this exercise, by bouncing gently without taking your feet off the mat. Do this ten times until you are comfortable.

Trampoline Foot Tap: This exercise requires you to tap your foot in the opposite direction by shifting your weight on one side. You need to be in the same position as the contact bounce exercise. Do this ten times and go in for a steady bounce.

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Trampoline Side to Side: These weight loss exercises involve placing your feet together and bouncing slightly. In doing so, you will need to lean on one side of the trampoline. Repeat this 10 times by shifting your weight from left to right. Once you are comfortable you can go in for a steady bounce.

Basic Trampoline Exercises for a Healthy Weight Loss

Below are some of the basic trampoline weight loss exercises that can be performed through the trampoline technique:

The Contact Big Bounce: Over here, you need to leave your feet off the mat by bouncing gently and high enough. Repeat this at least 10 times and then go in for a steady bounce.

The Knee Raise: This requires you to raise one knee just above your waistline. Repeat the same procedure with the other knee then resume back to your steady bounce. Repeat 10 times each.

Jumping Jacks: These exercises are very common and am sure all of you must have done them at some point of your life. Jumping jacks are also effective weight loss exercises for all age people.

Jumping jacks requires you to keep your legs shoulders width apart. Keep doing this 10 times and then resume your steady bounce. 

These are some of the basic weight loss exercises you can do in order to get permanent results. These exercises can be difficult in the beginning, but once your body ets adjusted to it, you can perform it effectively.

Trampoline exercises need to be ended with cool down exercises. If you use these trampoline exercises with a healthy and balanced weight loss diet, you can be assured of a healthy weight loss within six to eight weeks.

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