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Information On Safe Weight Loss While Breast Feeding

Being a new mother is a wonderful feeling, but along with it also comes the weight gains. There are many frustrated mothers out there who want to start an safe weight loss program but are unsure about them.

The good news is that weight loss while breastfeeding is possible if you maintain a healthy diet. This is very important since a baby is dependent on you for their nutrition. 

How Soon Can Nursing Mothers Start Dieting?

This a tough question to answer. Many experts say that new mothers should wait for at least 2 months before starting any diet plans. 

This gives the body a chance to recover and maintain a good milk supply. This may be an ideal solution for some women. The best answer is to listen to your body. You may quite understand when you are ready to start your safe weight loss program.

What To Avoid

While starting a weight loss program you must also consider the safety of your baby. You might want to avoid rapid or fast weight loss programs since it can affect the nutritional healthy of you baby. Below are some more reason why you might want to stay away from such programs:

Poor Diets: Many of the rapid weight loss programs advertised on TV’s and internet do not contain the essential nutrients required for new mothers. Mothers with poor diet may become anemic since their energy levels are slowly depleted. 

A new mother needs a lot of nutrients in order to continue to produce milk for the baby. Starting fast and quick diets will not serve the purpose.

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Risks for Baby: In a hurry to get your figure back on track, you might risk the nutrition of your baby. The reason is because the body starts producing ketones that could make breast milk unhealthy for the baby. 

Many women consume weight loss drugs without consulting their doctors. This is not at all a safe weight loss plan for new mothers.

Tips For a Healthy Weight Loss 

You may want to consider some the below tips in order to lose weight and simultaneously look into safeguarding the nutrition and health of your baby.

Consume Small Portions: Instead of eating 3 large meals, limit your food intake to 3 smaller meals along with healthy snacks. Small snacks can include fruits, cheese, nuts that are easily digested and less likely to store fat.

Protein Intake: A nursing mother should consume more protein in order to avoid depletion of muscle mass. Doctors recommend new moms to have at least 65 grams of protein everyday for the first 6 months. This is also a safe weight loss program practiced by many women.

Muscle Training Exercise: If you were a regular at the gym before your pregnancy, you might want to start again with moderate exercises. Exercises like strength training, aerobics will help to increase your metabolism and burn calories faster.

Other Safe Options

Some of the other options available for safe weight loss include:

Planning: A specific plan or routine can prove effective in losing weight. Internet is a great medium where a lot of information can be got for effective weight loss programs.

Determination: Effective weight loss is only possible if you have the right will power and determination. Starting a weight loss program and quitting mid way will leave you nowhere. All in all breast feeding women by following the above safe weight loss tips can lose weight faster than other women.

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