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Why Shouldn’t You Opt For Weight Loss Surgeries?

As a result of a constant energy imbalance obesity occurs. People mostly gain weight when they intake calories more quickly than they are able to burn them up. One single factor cannot be a cause for this. The factors can come from a variety sources including environmental, psychological, genetic and physical. 

What are weight loss surgeries?

Weight loss surgery also known as bariatric surgery is a procedure used to treat persons with obesity. It is a major operation of gastro intestine that aims at substantially decreasing an individual’s weight but also has certain side effects. Three types of weight loss surgeries are present such as malabsorptive, restrictive, and restrictive-malabsorptive. 

Every individual surgical case depends on the type of condition and requirements of the individual patient.

Restrictive Surgery

Restrictive weight loss surgeries involves restricting food intake by stitching parts of the stomach to make it small, thereby reducing the quantity of food that can be consumed before a person feels full. An example of this type of surgery is the lap band system, in which a band is used to create a smaller stomach-sac and it makes you feel full faster.

Malabsorptive Surgery

Malabsorptive weight loss surgeries work to restrict the calories quantity that can be absorbed by the body. In this procedure digested food is redirected away from the top-section of the small intestine, the place where major assimilation takes place. 

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Biliopancreatic diversion is an example of this surgery type in which a portion of the stomach part is removed, and the rest of the stomach part is attached to the bottom end of the small intestine. 

Restrictive-Malabsorptive Surgery

Restrictive-malabsorptive weight loss surgeries are the other above two procedures combination, making it an effective treatment method for obesity. An example of this type of surgery is gastric bypass that demands stomach size restriction and small intestine modification to limit assimilation.

Weight loss surgeries are a serious, life-altering procedure that produces differential results for individual patient. Weight loss surgery for this reason is not advised for everyone suffering from obesity problem. 

Obese patients with a body mass index higher than 40 can undergo surgery. Weight loss surgeries should be considered a last resort procedure for weight loss due to its side effects.

Even though drastic weight reduction is one of the main effects of the operation, persons considering weight loss surgery should not have this option as a main source of treatment. 

Weight loss surgeries alone cannot fix all obesity related problems. You need to make the major lifestyle changes that go along with the procedure in order to improve your health without side effects of surgery. 

Following weight loss surgery permanent changes in diet and exercise are essential. Strictly patients should follow the customized exercise and diet plan given to them and be careful especially about the types of foods they consume, since their stomachs become smaller considerably after surgery. 

Most people may not be able to withstand certain foods types well, and eating too much may cause nausea. It is for the above reason you should not opt for weight loss surgeries unless it is very much required.

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