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Depression and Weight Loss- Measures To Control Weight

Depression creates a negative impact and is a tough condition to live with. Weight gain experienced by people suffering from depression is an added burden. If you are suffering from depression and looking for a solution, then you are reading the right article. 

Patience is the key to many solutions. When patience is combined with a healthy diet program, it can contribute to lose weight and lighten your life. This article will tell you how to control your weight when you suffer from depression.

Serotonin for Depression and Weight Loss: This is a brain chemical that helps us stay happy. Foods rich in carbohydrates can help you increase the serotonin levels in your brain. Eating good carbohydrates like oats, legumes, pasta etc can provide the necessary nutrients to your body. 

Selenium for Depression and Weight Loss: This also helps to combat depression. Selenium can be obtained by eating foods such as whole wheat bread, tuna, onions etc. Tuna contains Omega 3 fatty acids that help in burning fats and also increase the metabolism rate in the body. Green leafy vegetables and broccoli are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Antioxidants for Depression and Weight Loss: Your diet must consist of plenty of vegetables and salad. You can even combine a couple of meals with fish each week. The antioxidants and fatty acids found in these foods help in protecting the brain cells from both aging and depression. These also help in the proper functioning of the heart.

Breakfast: Breakfast is an important meal for weight management. One should never skip their breakfast. It is also an ideal option for people suffering from depression. A good breakfast should include good carbs like oats, fresh fruits; soy milk etc.

A heavy breakfast also contributes to a fuller stomach and prevents hunger cravings. Exercise for Depression And Weight Loss: Research have shown that exercise improves depression and also contributes for weight loss.

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You can begin with a 20-30 minute simple exercise every day. A brisk walk, cycling is an ideal way to get started. Regular exercising provides for a healthy body and mind. 

Treadmill exercise is a great way to lose calories faster. It also tones your muscles and has positive a positive impact on your way of living. It is also safe for pregnant women and older people. You can intensify your workout sessions gradually up to 45 minutes each day.

Lifestyle Routine for Depression and Weight Loss: Eating and regular exercise can be helpful for depression. A regular routine helps to maintain a balanced metabolism and blood sugar levels. These help to elevate moods and reduce depression.

Below are some weight loss tips for people with depression: 

Do Not Set Over Ambitious Goals: Weight loss is always easier if you set realistic goals. These goals keep you motivated and also boost up your self esteem. Short term goals are easy to reach and maintain. 

Losing Weight Is A Journey: Stress creates a negative impact on your diet and exercise plan. If you had a bad week, simply take a break and allow yourself to relax and settle down. 

An effective exercise and diet program is an ideal option for depression and weight loss. Weight loss is not an easy process. 

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