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Fasting And Weight Loss

Fasting means abstinence from all food. Fasting means taking only water and nothing else, you should not take anything like juice, tea, soft drinks or fruits. You are only satisfied with pure water.

Fasting is a good way to lose unneeded body fat. But never use fasting as a primary version to lose weight. Bingeing and purging is always harmful for the body. Through regular fasting you will get emotionally weak.

Fasting will show great results if it is maintained properly. If you are new to fasting ten days will be enough to break the addiction of bad cycle eating. Younger generation is more prone towards junk food stuff.

They crave for pizzas and burgers. The habit of having pizzas, burgers, French fries will fade away with fasting. Fasting gives a complete new look to you. Fasting helps you in getting your perfect shape. You will feel better. And you will be in your high spirit. You will be able to face the world with much more confidence.

Go for a disciplined life style after fasting. Otherwise all your hard work will go vein. Finishing the fast is the beginning of a new life style. All your extra pounds have been shredded and you are on your new looking.

So never go for old eating habits. Try to get rid of all the emotional ties you have with your old eating habits. End your fast with having some raw food. Opt for raw fruits and vegetables rather than juices. Raw foods are high fiber foods. It is quite bulky and low in density.

The metabolism rate increases and fewer calories in take results in weight loss. Be on a raw diet for at least fifteen days.

Opt a healthy life style after fasting. Follow the steps to maintain a healthy life style:

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Increase the intake of raw food in your diet. This automatically leads to a healthy living.

Try to eat only natural unrefined food. Read carefully all the ingredients before you buy the food from the market.

Eat the food only when you are really hungry. Do not over eat your meals. Eat slowly and chew your food properly. So that it can be digested properly.

Have a routine exercise method. This will give you both physical and mental satisfaction. Exercise at least five times a week for about an hour. Exercise will benefit you with good blood circulation, a healthy heart and strong lungs.

Regular fasting on a periodic basis will definitely slower down your appetite level. Fasting cleans up the body. Have a control on your desire for the food you like the most. Eat only when you are hungry.

If you can learn to control your desire to eat you can find at the end of the fats that you are really not hungry. And you are not craving for your desired food.

You can also go for juice fasting. After juice fasting the body becomes more efficient due to a proper digestive system. The colon walls get cleaned up through fasting thus resulting in proper digestion of food after fasting.

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