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Role Of Weight Loss Recipes In The Modern World

When the Body Mass Index of a person is 30kg/m* or higher, it is called obesity or overweight. Nowadays it has become a serious issue of concern all over the world.

Obesity, in almost all of the cases, is associated with diseases like cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, cancer etc and it is the highest preventable cause of death all over the world.

About 90% of obesity and other weight related problems are aftermath of improper eating habit. The weight loss recipes are seen as better tools to overcome these problems other than spending thousands of dollars for the drugs and surgeries to reduce calorie and fat.

Weight loss recipes maybe the low calorie diet recipes or negative calorie recipes and they help to reduce the extra-caloric intake which will be otherwise stored somewhere in the body.

The negative calorie food means that the food which requires more calories to digest than the calorie they actually contain. The body has to give more energy to extract these types of foods.

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For example, if we consume 200 calorie of food and it requires 250 calories to digest, we lose 50 calories by simply consuming these kinds of foods. Popular cabbage soups are the best examples of this type of food.

We can try our own weight loss recipes with different ingredients that will suit our tastes. But first we need to find a calorie chart listed calorie per portion of foods.

The weight loss recipes should not be too narrow. It should keep the balance and ensure enough calories for day to day activities. If any one can burn more calorie than they actually taken in each day, that will result shortage from storage of fat cell.

Ideal weight loss recipes should contain the ingredients which provide adequate fiber. The fiber can increases digestive power and can reduce the body fat .The split peas, lentil, black beans etc are the highest fiber containing foods.

The home made recipes like juices and fruits are the best choice for weight loss recipes. The home made Recipes enhance the metabolic rate without any threat of toxins. The roughage in juice can act as the fiber, so it can increases the speed of digesting.

We can change any unhealthy recipe to weight loss recipe by using the simple tips like, try to use baking sugar instead of real sugar, use minced turkey instead of minced beef, use fat free cooking oil and sprays like olive and canola instead of butter and margarine, use applesauce when baking instead of butter or oil, avoid sour cream and try to use plain yogurt of fat free cheese instead, try to use two eggs whites instead of every whole egg.

Though the fast weight loss programs are not suitable for long term, we have to choose different type of diet plans supported with variety of weight loss recipes.

The diet plan depends upon the nature and goal of the person, time of plan etc. So it is a good idea to study and analyze the benefits of each recipe before we are start weight loss programs.

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