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Accepting The Challenge Of Weight Loss For Physically Handicapped

Being handicapped in any form is a curse that a person has to face. A person falls in a soup if he has a physical or mental disability. Starting from the main organs like the brain or the heart till the smallest part of our body like the nails, all of them have different functions to play.

We human beings are the best at adapting to any situation and handicapped people also learn to live with the physical disabilities. 

Moreover if a physically challenged person has to undergo the problem of weight gain or obesity, it might cause cholesterol and heart problems for that person. Weight loss for physically handicapped is a greater problem than it is for a normal person.

Since weight loss can mostly be possible through physical activities, weight loss for physically handicapped has to depend on other factors.

Such people lack the capabilities of doing aerobics or exercises and there life style is sedentary which promotes weight gain. Sedentary lifestyle means consuming of more calories than burning them through physical activities. The limitation of physical disability limits their avenues for losing weight.

It is most important for such people to maintain a normal body weight so that they do not fall prey to cardio-vascular diseases, strokes, diabetes. There are still many ways through which weight loss for physically handicapped could be made possible.

Our weight remains the same as long as the ration between the energy in-take is in balance with the energy consumed. The body starts to store fat only if you consume more calories than required. 

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Weight loss for physically handicapped can be made possible if a balanced diet is followed with all combination of nutrients like protein, carbohydrate, fat. A sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins is also necessary.

There are ‘nutrition pyramids’ which shows the amount of food that you should eat each day. It is also easier to select the food as the food is labeled stating calories, fat and other nutritional content.

There are also communities and rehabilitation clinics where weight loss for physically handicapped is possible. These clinics have trained nutritionists who would guide you of the food intake for losing weight. Certain health clubs have also emerged for such people where physiotherapy is available in order to maintain a good health.

Diet pills can also help in weight loss for physically handicapped. These diet pills can be taken with the consultation of a doctor. There are certain pills that reduce the appetite and you may not have to overeat resulting in weight gain.

There are also some belts available in the market that helps in reducing weight. Such equipments do not need movement and you can easily get rid of excess weight by just sitting at one place

You can also opt for an exercise-free machine that helps in burning calories. Such machines are especially launched for people who are physically handicapped and are not mobile. These machines have a seat which provides a comfortable posture.

Heat is emitted throughout the seat which helps in burning the calorie through temperature regulation. Weight loss for physically handicapped sounds a bit challenging but it can be made easy through positive attitude, motivation and support from family members and peers.

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