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Easy Weight Loss for Busy Women

It is said weight loss for women requires greater effort than men. The female physiology accommodates fat zones from genetic factors. The loss of fat from these zones requires special attention. Weight loss tips like regular meals and calorie count can be difficult to follow. 

Weight loss for busy women can be achieved by certain dietary actions. Extra virgin coconut oil is said to promote weight loss. The incorporation of the above oil in diet cuts calories. Significant results are seen in less than two weeks.

There is weight reduction by about two to three kilograms in two weeks. Extra virgin coconut oil has rejuvenating actions on skin and hair. A high protein breakfast can promote weight loss for busy women. Healthy breakfasts can work for the calorie demands of the rest of the day.

Fruit, yogurt and toast give a nutritious start to a day. Weight loss for busy women can be easy by buying packaged single servings of food. A dramatic twenty percent decrease in calorie consumption is reported. This prevents binge eating and overindulgence.

Protein foods like Soya and tofu satiate the stomach. Low cholesterol items like chicken breast and fish are considered appropriate. A diet rich in fiber with fruits and vegetables preserves metabolic. Fruits can be sources of minerals like potassium and Vitamin C.

Physical activities like swimming; skating and brisk walking can be accommodated over the weekend. This increases the average metabolic rate and burns calories. Walking on an incline of fifteen degrees accelerates calorie consumption. This can be achieved over a treadmill as well.

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Low starch vegetables like broccoli and summer squash have poor calorie density. They can replace potatoes and rice. Dark green vegetables are high on phytonutrients.

Two and half cups of vegetables daily can prevent nutritional deficiencies. This can correct faulty metabolic pathways in the body.

Weight loss for busy women can be achieved by the above dietary interventions. Adequate consumption of water is important for weight loss. Water detoxifies the system. A recent study links calorie consumption and chewing gum.

It is said chewing gum for about fifteen minutes a day reduces calorie intake. Women who have long working hours can indulge in zero sugar gums to cut calories. This regular activity can enhance weight loss for busy women. More than 200 calories can be siphoned off with the above action.

Consumption of green tea fortified with extracts works against weight gain. An average of two cups per day for three months can benefit women. This can induce weight loss for busy women who are low on physical activity. Grapefruit is said to be a weight gain antagonist.

The intake of grapefruit can increase weight loss for busy women with poor dietary habits. A regular eight-hour sleep heals and refreshes the body. It strengthens the immune system.

Weight loss for busy women can be accelerated by a minimum eight-hour sleep schedule.

A food diary can keep track of everyday dietary indulgences. It increases average weight reduction by highlighting trigger factors of overindulgence. 

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