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Discover The Possibilities Of Weight Loss Surgery

Nowadays people are getting aware of the health issues especially when it comes to over weight related problems. Those who suffer from obesity go for surgery in their extreme cases. Bariatic surgery is the term used for weight loss surgeries.

This is the best solution for severe obesity patients. Traditional open surgery and Laparoscopic surgery are the two commonly used methods for surgery. 

1) Traditional open surgery: This kind of surgery involves the experience of the doctor performing the surgery as it needs expert hands for correct incision. Usually ten to twelve inches of incision is required but all depends on the person doing it. 

2) Laparoscopic surgery: For this kind of surgery there are some small incisions made to get to the right place of stomach and intestine. The instrument used in such kind of surgeries is known as a laparoscope which is being attached with the video.

When the laparoscope is put inside the abdomen through the incision it gives the entire picture on the screen with the help of the camera thus making the operation successful.

In laparoscopic method gas is induced to the abdomen where it gets inflated giving a clear picture of the organ. These days it is considered to be the safest method due to less complications and recovery period.

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Both the methods have outstanding durable results. Most of the patients lose 80-90% of their excess weight in 1-2 years. Most of them are maintaining 48-74% of their initial weight loss even after 5 years of their surgery.

Restrictive and Malabsorptive are other two techniques for weight loss surgery. These two techniques result in limiting the absorption of food intake. 

Restrictive surgery: This surgery includes restricting the intake of food as some part of the stomach is being taken out by surgery. As a result of this surgery the person tends to eat less as the stomach gets full with little intake of food. 

Malabsorptive surgery: This surgery is performed in the small intestine area which helps in absorption and digestion. The small intestine connects to the stomach where the absorption takes place and operating the digestive system restricts the food intake. 

To get good results of surgery both the techniques are being performed together which restricts the intake of food and also reduces the absorption capacity resulting in longer time of digestion process. 

Though modern techniques have come up for weight loss programs but weight loss surgery still shows some discomfort due to sudden change in the weight. You might feel tired very soon as if you have got flu or you might have body aches, sudden mood changes and some skin related problems.

Weight loss surgery leads to very less intake of food and might cause vomiting if taken in large potions. Weight loss regime can work best when it is maintained with right exercise and proper diet plan.

Weight loss surgery gives side affects and can lead to blood clots at a later stage. Life can be made simple rather than getting into complications with surgery. Any incision has a high risk of infections if not taken care of. 

Similarly a natural thing when can be controlled should not be forced with artificial operations. Diet plan helps you in a big way and surgeries should only be encouraged at extreme cases. Surgeries are the last option when exercise and diet plan does not work out.

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