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Weight Loss Appetite Suppressants to Fight Cravings

Food cravings and binge eating are harmful habits for obese individuals all over the world. Prescription drugs have been successful in working against these habits for short term. These drugs can help in weight reduction and wellness.

Prescription weight loss appetite suppressants are prescribed only after a thorough medical examination. Physical examination, medical evaluation and blood tests are part of the protocol.

These drugs work to reduce binge eating habits and food cravings. Obese individuals benefit greatly from weight loss appetite suppressants. The hunger for more food wanes away and they feel fuller from smaller portions of food.

They can be added upon with lipolytic injections and supplements as programs. Prescription weight loss appetite suppressants have been known to act on the hypothalamus gland and reduce hunger pangs through neurotransmitter action.

Some act upon baroreceptors and brain affecting blood pressure and food stimuli. They can boost neuronal activity in the brain and aid weight reduction strategies. Some weight loss appetite suppressants act absorption and metabolism.

They can act on the intestine and prevent the absorption of fat. Weight loss appetite suppressant drugs act on neurohormones serotonin and other catecholamines. By increasing circulating levels of these hormones they modify mood and craving for food. 

The unabsorbed fat from meals by the action of drugs is excreted as faeces. They also increase satiety and induce fullness from consumption of smaller portions of food.

Some act by decreasing the reuptake or increasing the levels of nor adrenaline in the brain. They are known to have themogenic properties by increasing metabolic rate.

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Some of them are known to act on the endocannabinoid system for hunger suppression. Drugs that act on serotonin levels, by increased synthesis or decreased uptake are called serotoninergic. They are prescription psychiatric medications as well.

The endocannabinoid system has functions with mood control, body weight maintenance and pleasure perception. It is by acting on this system that cannabis brings about its hallucinogenic and physiological effects.

The drugs on this system can aid to control smoking as well. Most of these prescription drugs have fewer side effects and help maintain long-term weight goals. All of them are to be consumed under medical care and observed guidelines.

This is to be accompanied by a healthy meal plan and regular exercise program. The ability of the body to avoid weight gain is precipitated.

Obese individuals who have a very high body mass index are prescribed weight loss appetite suppressants under medical supervision. When obesity is compounded with systemic health conditions additional care is warranted.

Dyslipidemia is an obesity associated health condition. The disturbance in the amount or concentration of fat in the body defines Dyslipidemia.

It is metabolically associated with hypercholesterolemia. Certain weight loss appetite suppressants are prescribed when all other forms and aids for weight reduction have failed. 

Failure to lose weight after efforts for more than three months is one such condition. Weight loss appetite suppressants are oral drugs and act through multiple pathways.

They act as structural inhibitors on crucial metabolic receptors. They also positively modify serum cholesterol levels.

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