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Paring The Flab: Weight Loss Exercise Options

Most weight loss methods include exercise as an important component. Exercise helps the body to burn up excess calories, which would otherwise end up being stored as fat.

It also helps the body to maintain its metabolic rate at a reasonably high level, another important requirement for efficient burning of calories.

Exercise also keeps the body in an alert and active mode, a requisite for the body to stave off the onset of disease and to maintain overall health of the body.

Extensive research over the years has established the merits of regular exercise in preventing a host of maladies including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain and osteoporosis.

Exercise is beneficial in alleviating mental conditions such as depression and anxiety also.

While every type of physical activity including household chores, yard work, walking etc., is considered beneficial for the body and contributes to burning excess calories, it is important to consider what exactly is most efficient as a weight loss exercise.

Even just 30 minutes of exercise are shown by studies to be effective in bestowing health benefits to the most inactive people. 

Physically active people have such a vast array of weight loss exercises to choose from that it is possible for each individual to tailor one best suited for his/her temperament, inclination and capacity for physical exertion.

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Aerobic exercise involves working large muscles over an extended amount of time. Besides being a weight loss exercise, it is known for its cardiovascular benefits. Swimming, jogging, biking, walking, aerobic classes all qualify as aerobic exercises.

Walking is very beneficial in burning stored fat and is considered one of the best weight loss exercises. The pace of walking does make a difference, though. While brisk strolling is effective, anything slower barely helps.

Jogging burns more calories than almost any other continuous exercise, but requires higher stamina than brisk walking. As a weight loss exercise, it is suitable only for the very experienced. 

An average person would be burning 80% carbohydrates and only 20% fat, in the process causing his/her appetite to increase inordinately.

Group aerobics is not advantageous for the more obese, because the exerciser in an effort to catch up with the rest of the class is prone to work hard and breathe heavily, a process that will trigger higher carbohydrate burning as compared to fat burning.

That is not to diminish the usefulness of an aerobics class for most people, though.

Swimming is said to be effective as a weight loss exercise for some people, but is less favored in comparison to walking or jogging, because it is carbohydrate intensive and often, a swimmer is ravenously hungry upon finishing a swimming session and may end up consuming more calories than he/she has burned.

Based on one’s individual needs, inclinations and preferences, it is not a difficult task for anyone, in any age group to pick an appropriate physical activity or sport to pursue as a weight loss exercise. Quite, often, it is a combination , which will work best.

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