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Metabolism And Weight Loss

Metabolism is the process by which the body processes the food taken to produce energy. This energy sustains us allowing us to perform daily activities.

Hence, correct metabolism is a necessary process required to maintain a healthy weight. It thereby influences weight loss. There is a general belief that slim people have better metabolism than an overweight person.

The amount of food consumed plays a direct role in maintaining a normal metabolism. If we need to maintain a stable weight loss we need to eat only the amount of food that we require. Unused calories end up becoming fat, which is undesirable.

Energy expenditure is the amount of calories the body burns up in a single day. There is a common misconception that a heavier person has an underlying condition of hypothyroidism.

However, it is necessary to seek medical advice to rule out hypothyroidism in these types of cases

Energy imbalance in the form of consuming more food than is required will lead to weight gain and counteracts any weight loss. 

Hence, it will be necessary to consume fewer calories subsequently to balance the weight gain and to initiate a gradual weight loss.

Factors that influence our metabolism are the size of the body, composition, the age and the sex of the person. A person’s metabolism will be higher if the person has more muscle mass. As we grow older our muscle mass tends to decrease.

But on the other hand we could accumulate more fat, which affects the weight loss indirectly. The amount of change that we can make to our body’s metabolic activities is limited.

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But we can perform exercises like aerobic exercises to increase our muscle tissues. These exercises will help us in burning more calories. 

In addition to Aerobic Exercises, strength-training exercises such as weight training exercises are helpful for older people. These exercises will help us to counteract the muscle loss associated with aging.

Since, muscles burn more calories they are important for metabolism and thereby figure in maintaining a steady weight loss to the body

All everyday activities help us to burn calories. Some of them include walking, washing our car, doing yard work or gardening. Even mowing the lawn will help us to burn more calories.

Climbing through stairs instead of using elevators at every conceivable opportunity is another way to burn more calories and maintain a healthy weight. 

There is a misconception that dietary supplements can help our metabolism. Although these supplements offer minimal help, they are more likely to cause some undesirable side effects.

The reason why we have to be careful with this is because the dietary supplement manufactures do not have to pass the stringent standards applicable to other prescription drugs.

Although every activity influences our energy needs, we always have to be careful with the amount of food we eat. The amount of food and amount of calories that we consume determine our weight loss or weight gain. 

Nowadays, most of the food manufactures are required to clearly indicate the ingredients and the amount of calories that their product could generate.

Savvy consumers read the labels to determine if the food is appropriate for them and if inappropriate how much so in order to correct and live a better life.

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